Client Config files


Get the management class

dsmc query mg

Get the schedule

dsmc query schedule

Query backups - backups from yesterday success?
ps: there must be modified files in this directory.

dsmc Query Backup -SUbdir=yes -FROMDate=10/15/2005 -TODate=10/16/2005  /path/to/folder/

Query Inclusion and exclusion

dsmc q inclexcl

Query Archive

dsmc query archive /path/to/file

Do an incremental backup

dsmc i

Backup a single folder

dsmc backup /path/to/folder/ -subdir=yes -verbose

Do a restore

dsmc restore /path/to/folder/ -subdir=yes -verbose

dsmc restore /path/to/folder/ -subdir=yes -verbose -pitd=<mydateToRestore>

dsmc restore /path/to/folder/ -subdir=yes -verbose -pitd=11/14/2010 -pitt=16:00:00

* -inac  to restore inactif files.

Do an archive

dsmc archive /path/to/archive/ -subdir=yes -verbose -desc="My Archive Description" -archsyml=no -archm=archive_180days

Restore an archive

dsmc retrieve /path/to/retrive/ -subdir=yes

Delete an archive

dsmc delete archive -desc="description used during the archive"

Test if tdpo for oracle works  uses TPDO.filename  in same directory for password conf

cd /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/oracle/bin64
./tdpoconf showenvironment

Delete filespaces interactivly ( with a menu to choose )

dsmc delete filespace

Exclude / include examples in dsm.sys

Exclude.compress *.gz
Exclude.compress /.../*.gz
Exclude.dir /opt/tivoli
Exclude.fs /tmp
Exclude /var/lib/mysql/.../*
Include /var/lib/mysql/backup/.../*