Revision Keywords:

HEAD The latest (or “youngest”) revision in the repository.

BASE The revision number of an item in a working copy. If the item has been locally modified, this refers to the way the item appears without those local modifications.

COMMITTED The most recent revision prior to, or equal to, BASE, in which an item changed.


$ svn diff -r PREV:COMMITTED foo.c
#shows the last change committed to foo.c

$ svn log -r HEAD
#shows log message for the latest repository commit

$ svn diff -r HEAD
#compares your working copy (with all of its local changes) to the
#latest version of that tree in the repository

$ svn diff -r BASE:HEAD foo.c
#compares the unmodified version of foo.c with the latest version of
#foo.c in the repository

$ svn log -r BASE:HEAD
#shows all commit logs for the current versioned directory since you
#last updated

$ svn update -r PREV foo.c
#rewinds the last change on foo.c, decreasing foo.c's working revision

$ svn diff -r BASE:14 foo.c
#compares the unmodified version of foo.c with the way foo.c looked
# in revision 14